The goal with all of our websites is that they are device agnostic. This means your users have a great experience no matter what device they use.  Today 40% of web users use mobile devices to access website. This is primarily done by them to search for product & services, compare prices, read reviews, find restaurant, hotels, gifts, shopping and lot more activities. More than 500 million mobile activities have been recorded in Facebook for the month of April 2012.

A mobile responsive design is one that automatically detects the visitor’s screen size and orientation and changes the layout to fit the browser they are using. For example the resolution/screen size on most tablets are different then the resolution/size of your average smartphone. By choosing a mobile responsive site, our clients don’t have to build 2 sites. (A mobile site and a separate desktop site)

What we do?

Your customers are going mobile, is your website mobile compatible? If not, contact us for mobile website design, make your website mobile friendly and catch those 40% prospective customers and increase your return, by 2013 we have more mobile web users than users from computers.

Mobile Website Design – Planning

We learn your business goal; analyze your customers & competitors to design the mobile website, which provides full flexibility and usability to your potential customers.

Mobile Website Design – HTML 5, CSS3

We follow W3C validated guideline, HTML 5 coding structure and CSS 3 to provide you maximum support for all mobile platforms. Mobile devices support different screen size and resolutions; we create fluid based mobile web design, so that it will be compatible for all screen size and resolutions.

Mobile Website Design – Minimize Loading Time

We also create a planned way for structuring the content and navigation flow in the mobile website, such that in a limited space, you can organize the required information for your visitor. We will reduce the number of http requests, images size and minify JavaScript to minimize the download time and size of the webpage to provide your visitor a positive user experience while accessing the mobile website.

The main goal of the mobile website is to get more visibility of your brand, products or services; engage your visitors and convert them into customers. We provide you SEO friendly mobile website design, so that you can easily get more visibility and conversion from search engines.

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