Content Management

Discover the perfect content effortlessly. Leverage the content to its full potential across all your marketing endeavors. With our cutting-edge Content Management system, we harness the power of advanced database technology. It establishes meaningful connections between digital assets. Which further unlocks fresh perspectives on content utilization. Our innovative solutions empower you to effortlessly locate the precise content you need for every marketing initiative. Ensuring all your strategies thrive revolving around the content.


Unlock the power of Nventt platforms. It is the ultimate access solution for all your marketing content needs. With our robust Internet Asset Management, effortlessly manage and link your content in a structured and efficient manner. Our low-resource solution is designed for scalability. The seamless API integration on the other hand allows easy data transfer and consolidation across multiple external systems. Experience the convenience of our web-based access client. Utilize cutting-edge web technologies for a hassle-free interface. Say goodbye to software installations and plugins—Nventt offers a streamlined, single-window experience. Embrace the future of marketing content with Nventt right now!


  • Reduce information (content) access time, allowing you to respond quickly to marketing opportunities.
  • High speed search capabilities.
  • Solution can be easily deployed within a data centre or in cloud storage.
  • Potential for multi-tenanted solutions.

Our platforms incorporate functions to assign rights to specific users and groups, restrictions can be implemented based on user and group profiles. Independent domain trees can be established, and access configuration can be established to match specific business needs.

Tailored rights management is available for administrators, specific roles and user profiles, access to and editing of selected data, features and objects based on user, user role, user group, region, country, etc.

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